Greeting from the President


It is my great honor and privilege to assume the role of President of The Global Forum of Japan (GFJ). Enlisting your support and advice, I wish to endeavor with all my might to carry out the duties expected of me at this prestigious organization. Today, the world has fallen into disarray of an unprecedented scale. It is not an exaggeration to say that we are faced with a disruption in history which entails uncertainty so enormous that the existing international cooperation frameworks built up earnestly by humanity for more than a half century after the end of the World War II as well as the very concept of globalization should thoroughly be revisited. For the past 35 years since its inception, GFJ has organized exchanges and dialogues to formulate human networks and exerted itself to deepen mutual understanding on issues of mutual importance between Japan and the international society. Besides, GFJ has brought together intellectuals from business, political, official, and academic circles thereby producing new values through their enthusiastic discussions. In today’s chaotic world, such a role of GFJ will be even more important. Before closing my remarks, let me hope that you will continue to provide us with your support and cooperation.

June 2017
The Global Forum of Japan