GFJ Commentary

March 8, 2022 

Russian Aggression against Ukraine:

Message to Japan

By Volodymyr OGRYSKO

Russia put Ukraine and Japan among other democratic countries in the list of her enemies. No sensation at all.

Freedom, democracy, well-being, human rights all these values are enemies for Russia. Why? Because Russia is barbaric and inhuman country and society.

This country practices aggressiveness, occupation, killings, bombardments of civic objects, violation of all possible international norms.

That is why Russia must and will be punished.

Ukraine is now on the front line. Our Armed Forces heroically defend not only Ukraine but the world democratic order. We, of course, will win if combine our efforts. Democratic world is much stronger than this rotten Putin’s regime.

How friendly Japan can help?

1. Freezing of the assets of all Russian banks in Japan.
2. Ban on Japanese investment in Russia and sanctions against the Russian Direct Investment Fund.
3. Ban on gas, oil, and coal import from Russia.
4. Ban on software products imported from Russia.
5. Suppress Russia’s cyber groups which committed crimes against Ukraine.
6. Closed sky for «Aeroflot» and other Russian airlines.
7. Closed ports for Russian ships.
8. Be an active part of the international efforts to suspend Russia’s membership in international organizations, sports, cultural events, and sports federations.
9. Impose a visa-regime for holders of Russian diplomatic passports to enter Japan.
10. Revoke and don’t issue new visas and residency permits for Russian government officials and members of their families.
11. Decrease significantly the number of Russian diplomatic staff in Japan.
12. Blocking «Russia today» and other Russian propaganda media, as well as social networks «Vkontakte» and «Odnoklassniki», internet portal «Yandex», e-mail service «».

Russian bandits devastated my country. Many cities lie in ruins. After our victory, we will badly need reconstruction of destroyed infrastructure.

Japan can raise its voice among G-7 countries to start

- G7 reconstruction fund for Ukraine (Marshall Plan) under international financial institutions.

- As well as JICA reconstruction projects for Ukraine.

- FTA Agreement with Ukraine will be an additional important tool for Ukraine’s economic recovery.

Russia started the countdown of its barbaric regime. We all should do our best to make this process irreversible.

(This is an original article written by Volodymyr OGRYSKO, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.)