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"GFJ Commentary" introduces news analyses and opinions in Japan on the Relations of Japan with the rest of the world, but they do not represent the views of GFJ as an institution.

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Recent International Dialogues

Gen NAKATANI, Minister of Difence Keynote Address

Japan-Asia Pacific Dialoguenews

The Global Forum of Japan (GFJ), under the co-sponsorship by Meiji Institute for Global Affairs (MIGA) / Meiji Institute of International Policy Studies (MIIPS), Western Sydney University and The Japan Forum on International Relations (JFIR) organized Japan-Asia Pacific Dialogue on July 12, 2016 in Tokyo ... more



September 23new
Japan-China-ROK Dialogue
■Conference Papers
September 1
Shadow of Mr. Solos Behind the Helicopter Money Debates in Japan
August 31
Japan-China-ROK Dialogue
August 1
The Global Forum of Japan (GFJ) E-Letter
1 June 2016, Vol. 9, No. 4
July 13
Japan-Asia Pacific Dialogue
■Conference Papers
June 29
Can The Path Really Teach About the Good Life?
June 27
The Japan-U.S. Dialogue
June 17
Japan-Asia Pacific Dialogue
■Draft Program
June 1
The Global Forum of Japan (GFJ) E-Letter
1 June 2016, Vol. 9, No. 3
June 1
The Japan-U.S. Dialogue
■Outline of Discussions
April 15
Japan Should Hold and Secure “Potential Nuclear Capability”
April 1
The Global Forum of Japan (GFJ) E-Letter
1 April 2016, Vol. 9, No. 2
March 4
The Japan-U.S. Dialogue
■Conference Papers
February 25
Terrorism causes prejudice and discrimination against Muslims – the collective responsibility of Muslims
February 1
The Global Forum of Japan (GFJ) E-Letter
1 February 2016, Vol. 9, No. 1
January 21
Study Tour to Laos and Thailand by Shimada sonjuku


December 25
The Japan-China Dialogue
■Conference Papers
December 18
The presence of U.S. and Russia lent weight to G20
December 1
The Global Forum of Japan (GFJ) E-Letter
1 December 2015, Vol. 8, No. 6
November 4
Prime Minister ABE Should Retract His Pledge to Mark "A Departure from the Post-war Regime"
October 1
The Global Forum of Japan (GFJ) E-Letter
1 October 2015, Vol. 8, No. 5


ITO Kenichi

Chairman's Greeting
ITO Kenichi  

Among our friends who used to attend Global Forum meetings frequently, we now have foreign ministers and defense ministers in several countries. I feel that Japan is steadily expanding her human networks with the world through the work of the Forum.  ... more


Advisor's Greeting

The world that went through a temporal period of unipolar system led by the U.S after the end of the cold war, is today in a multipolar era. On the other hand, huge waves of globalization and IT revolution are washing our shores. ... more



Academic Governor of GFJ new

We, members of SHIMADA sonjuku visited Laos, formally, Lao PDR (People’s Democratic Republic), and Thailand, formally, Kingdom of Thailand, for 6 days from November 19 to 24 ... more

Other Activities


Japan Center for Economic Research

The 268th "Foreign Policy Luncheon" meeting on "The Results of Abenomics and Its Future Developments" was held on September 3, 2014. ...more


Lamberto ZANNIER

The 101st "Diplomatic Roundtable" meeting on "The Ukrainian Crisis from the OSCE Perspective" was held on 17 June 2014.