"GFJ Commentary" Back Number

"GFJ Commentary" presents an occasional op-ed type publication of views by members of GFJ on relations of Japan with the rest of the world and other related international affairs. The views expressed herein are the authour's own and should not be attributed to GFJ.

No.76 2017 Election Manifestoes on Growth Strategy and Free Education Missing the Points NAKAMURA Jin 21 December 2017
No.75 The White House Splits over Japanese Nuclearization SUGIURA Masaaki 30 October 2017
No.74 The Meaning of “Kaken” or Adding New Articles to the Present Constitution of Japan OGATA Rintaro 23 August 2017
No.73 Be cautious about letting Chinese and Korean immigrants in Japan ITO Masanori 15 June 2017
No.72 Nuclear Issue of North Korea Jun. M. YAMAZAKI 24 April 2017
No.71 On Social Darwinism of Today KURANISHI Masako 23 February 2017
No.70 Internationalization of the Renminbi SANADA Yukimitsu 19 December 2016
No.69 A Feedback to the Trilateral Dialogue of China, Japan and South Korea IKEO Aiko 31 October 2016
No.68 Shadow of Mr. Soros Behind the Helicopter Money Debates in Japan TAMURA Hideo 31 August 2016
No.67 Can The Path Really Teach About the Good Life? KURANISHI Masako 28 June 2016
No.66 Japan Should Hold and Secure “Potential Nuclear Capability” KATO Seiichi 12 April 2016
No.65 Terrorism causes prejudice and discrimination against Muslims – the collective responsibility of Muslims KURANISHI Masako 25 February 2016
No.64 The presence of U.S. and Russia lent weight to G20 KAWAKAMI Takashi 16 December 2015
No.63 Prime Minister ABE Should Retract His Pledge to Mark "A Departure from the Post-war Regime" TANIMOTO Taku 31 October 2015
No.62 Greece and Korea – Analogy of the two peninsulas KURANISHI Masako 31 August 2015
No.61 Does the US Assume Japan and China Agree to Reshelf the Senkaku Issue? TSUMORI Shigeru 29 June 2015
No.60 Inherent Difficulties of Standing in "Middle of the Road" OGATA Rintaro 27 April 2015
No.59 Japan as the Key Actor to Strengthen US-Indian Partnership TAKAMINE Koushu 17 February 2015
No.58 Dual Tends of Great Power Aspiration and Micro-Nationalism NAKAMURA Jin 22 December 2014
No.57 How to Cleanse Asahi's Widespread "Misreports" on Comfort Women SUGIURA Masaaki 23 October 2014
No.56 Public Diplomacy Reconsidered CHINO Keiko 28 August 2014
No.55 New Putin Doctrine: Prelude to "New Cold War"? IIJIMA Kazutaka 26 June 2014
No.54 The Ideal of Soft Power Diplomacy for a Liberal International Order WATANABE Yasushi 18 April 2014
No.53 The Sino-Korean anti-Japanese Axis on Yasukuni Failed SUGIURA Masaaki 18 February 2014
No.52 Sanctity of Marriage WATANABE Shoichi 27 December 2013
No.51 Strategic Possibilities for Japan's Agriculture SHIMADA Haruo 25 October 2013
No.50 The Arrival of a New Era for the Japan-Africa Relations? MUTSUJI Shoji 16 August 2013
No.49 World Economy Divided into Blocs? OGATA Rintaro 19 June 2013
No.48 We Cannot Afford to See PM 2.5 Pollution Indifferently SAKAI Nobuhiko 26 April 2013
No.47 On Trenin's Proposal for Russia to Return Four Disputed Islands to Japan HAKAMADA Shigeki 28 February 2013
No.46 Japan Should Formulate the Basic Policy of Living Without China OGAWA Hajime 13 December 2012
No.45 A bluff is the best way to approach Japanese FUJINAGA Takeshi 19 October 2012
No.44 Still in Office, NIWA Uichiro? Shame on You OKADA Shoichi 17 August 2012
No.43 Will World Uyghur Congress Sink a Great Ship? MUTSUJI Shoji 26 June 2012
No.42 "Japan‐ASEAN Dialogue" Should Discuss Not Only "Sea" But "Space" MATSUI Akira 27 April 2012
No.41 Is the US Really Returning to East Asia? SAKAI Nobuhiko 10 February 2012
No.40 Is It True Nobody Could Predict the Fall of the Soviet Union? YAMAMOTO Yuichi 16 December 2011
No.39 Government and People Together Must Address the Resolution of the Futenma Issue YUSHITA Hiroyuki 31 October 2011
No.38 The Death of Osama bin-Laden Bruce MAZLISH 5 August 2011
No.37 Is Osama Bin Laden a Criminal or a Hero? ITO Masanori 26 June 2011
No.36 Now is the Time for the Third Nation Building YAMAZAWA Ippei 28 April 2011
No.35 On “Japan-U.S. Relations in the Era of Smart Power” YAMAZAWA Ippei 1 March 2011
No.34 Black joke in terrorism in Russia OOTOMI Akira 28 February 2011
No.33 Meltdown of Japan HAKAMADA Shigeki 31 December 2010
No.32 Is DPJ Capable of Ruling? OKADA Shoichi 31 October 2010
No.31 Ruling DPJ Lacking Majority in Diet and No Good Signs for Coalition; What is Happening in Japanese Politics? SUGIURA Masaaki 30 August 2010
No.30 Unfinished Tasks of the Futenma Issue YUSHITA Hiroyuki 30 June 2010
No.29 A Government Can be Collapsed by "Such a Thing" SUGIURA Masaaki 30 April 2010
No.28 Some Thoughts on Futenma Station Relocation Issue OKAWARA Yoshio 26 February 2010
No.27 Reflections on Russia Train Bombing OOTOMI Akira 31 December 2009
No.26 Unfathomable Japanese Policy toward Russia HAKAMADA Shigeki 31 October 2009
No.25 Adopt a New Pacifism as Japan's National Policy YUSHITA Hiroyuki 31 August 2009
No.24 What We Expect from India IWAKUNI Tetsundo 30 June 2009
No.23 On Democratizing the World YANO Takuya 30 April 2009
No.22 Suggestions From Japan for Post-Kyoto Protocol Framework SUZUKI Keisuke 26 February 2009
No.21 How We Should Respond to Terrorism HOSONO Goshi 23 January 2009
No.20 The Question is Afghanistan IRIYAMA Akira 10 December 2008
No.19 Hailing Prime Minister Aso's Stance towards China YUSHITA Hiroyuki 20 November 2008
No.18 Georgia Crisis Reveals Limits of the European Neighborhood Policy KOKUBO Yasuyuki 15 October 2008
No.17 Japan's ‘Virtue’ and the Abduction Issue YAMAUCHI Masayuki 30 September 2008
No.16 On Japan's Use of Space for Defense Purposes KINOSHITA Hiroo 23 August 2008
No.15 For the Agriculture with Security, Safety, Low Price and Stability IWAKUNI Tetsundo 24 July 2008
No.14 Promote Active Diplomacy in the Arctic Circle KAWAI Masao 20 June 2008
No.13 Japan Forlorn in the World MORI Toshimitsu 16 May 2008
No.12 New Movement of the International Whaling Commission OKAWARA Yoshio 23 April 2008
No.11  Unsustainable Chinese “Continental Shelf” Theory YUSHITA Hiroyuki 19 March 2008
No.10  JICA and Crisis Management: 34 Years NISHIKAWA Megumi 6 February 2008
No.9  Lessons for Peace Learned from Canadian Experiences TAJIMA Takashi 22 January 2008
No.8  The Global Warming Issue Reaches Boiling Point SUZUKI Keisuke 16 November 2007
No.7  Success Stories and Failed States in the Developing World TAKAHASHI Kazuo 5 October 2007
No.6 Indirect Support from Japan Is Key to China's Reform KOKUBUN Ryosei 26 July 2007
No.5 The Meaning of the G8 and the Unusual Character of the Russian State MURAKAMI Masayasu 3 June 2007
No.4 Japanese culture as a basis for civilization in the 21st century KAI Noritake 1 May 2007
No.3 Japan from the viewpoint of culture and civilization II KAI Noritake 23 March 2007
No.2 State of East Asian Community Concept and ASEAN Integration ITO Kenichi 21 February 2007
No.1 Japan from the viewpoint of culture and civilization KAI Noritake 21 February 2007