GFJ Commentary

May 13, 2024 

A New Geopolitical Horizon Over Eurasia:

In praise of Pax Eurasiana

By NISHIMURA Mutsuyoshi

Former US President Trump threatened to withdraw the US from NATO. The fact that his position is supported by nearly half of the US population must alarm European leaders and drive them to search for remedies.

One surest remedy for European leaders to safeguard freedom and security without NATO is to try to have Russia, a post-Putin Russia that is… in their fold. Should Russia ever become part of free Europe or a friendlier colleague, there is no more need for NATO. A slap on the face of Mr. Trump, isn’t it?

The exact above applies to Japan as far as its vital security issues are concerned. A free and democratic Russia or an authoritarian Russia but friendly to the West is the best and cheapest defense recipe for this island nation facing ever stronger neighbors in the military context.

All the above indicates the emerging importance of a new geo-politico-strategic concept which would be qualified as New Pax Eurasiana. Pax Eurasiana is a perfectly achievable concept if only European countries welcome post-Putin Russia into their democratic fold and offer them all they need to become a free and thriving Russia once and for all.

Top European opinion leaders and reputed research institutions have long argued that a post-Putin Russia can be a democracy. Most notably, the European Parliament adopted a resolution (*) back on 16 September 2021 asserting strongly that Russia, an integral part of Europe, can be a democracy. They argue that Europe as a whole is ready to provide all needed assistance for the country to develop from an initial stage to become a thriving democracy.

Accordingly, Pax Eurasiana is an emerging reality assuring global peace, stability, and progress as it would easily liaise with the core value the Pax Americana has been propagating. Failure to achieve a new Russia in the mold of freedom and friendship with the neighboring countries will no doubt encourage anti-democratic powers to prevail in Eurasia. Hence the utmost importance for the tripartite alliance of the US, Europe, and Free Asia including Japan to unite, nurture and strengthen Pax Eurasiana.

Note: I would like to mention that I was inspired to write this text by a book, “Eurasian Dynamism and Japan”, edited by the Japan Forum on International Relations (Chuokoron Shinsha, 2022) (

(This is the English translation of an article written by NISHIMURA Mutsuyoshi, Former Director-General of the European Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, which originally appeared on the e-Forum “Giron-Hyakushutsu” of GFJ on April 24, 2024.)